Pipe Conveying System

Pipe Conveying System

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In Conveying system generally for one spiral plant require few hundred units (depend on factory area) of conveyer roller which transport pipes from one station to another.  Two types of conveyors to be used:

  • Motorized Conveyor (equipped with gear motor)
  • Idler Conveyer

Pipe lifter designed to lift down pipes from payoff table (spiral mill) after throw off to factory height (factory conveyer height). The base is made of welded steel plate rigid structure, designed for incorporation of single ejector.

Pipe Kicker designed to loading and unloading of pipe from conveyer rollers to rail rack. All pipe kickers are actuated by hydraulic cylinder.

Pipe stopper is equipped with hydraulic system and will be control by either operator(s) (manually operate) or computerize (semi-automated).

Pipe Stopper on conveyer in general is to stop the pipe on pipe referenced line for every section and to control the traffic for every pipe produced to another station.