Pipe Marking & Weighing Machine

Pipe Marking & Weighing Machine

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This machine generally after pipe tested and approved by both X-ray and Offline Ultrasonic testing, pipe will then enter into marking station where pipe been recorded of weight and print pipe data/identification (such as pipe number, pipe size, pipe length, weight and company logo) into each and every pipe produced before dispatch from spiral plant.

Pipe marking system consists of column and boom and assembly of print head which can move Up / Down and Forward / Backward movement.

Pipe weighting system consists of machined base frame, load cells and its controller with display to measure the weight of the pipe.

Pipe Specification

Pipe Diameter: Ø406.4mm(16”) – Ø3,048mm(120”)
Wall Thickness: 6.0mm(7/32”) - 25.4mm(1”)
Material Grade: Max. APL 5L Grade X80