Real Time X-RAY Machine

Real Time X-RAY Machine

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The X-ray system is equipped with the microprocessor control unit for monitoring the system's overall function. Depending on the software configuration the X-ray-system can be controlled per software via RS232-interface. Alongside its automatic isowatt function, it offers additional advantages such as simple, safe operation and automation of the usual retraction of the X-ray source after longer pauses in operation.

The integrated diagnosis software gives coded indications of the cause if malfunctions arise. Independent of the high voltage selected, the automatic isowatt function guarantees that the maximum current is set automatically in accordance with the output curve. This assures maximum contrast in the X-ray image and makes operation easier.

The 40 kHz technology ensures shortest kV set-up-times and lowest high-voltage waves.

The X-ray system consists of the following individual components:

  1. X-ray source with two different focal spots
  2. X-ray control unit, where required, controlled via software and RS232
  3. 225kV-Generator
  4. Water-cooling unit to cool the X-ray tube

The X-ray system is integrated into the inspection programs and communicates with the system control via a series interface.

Pipe Specification

Pipe Diameter: Ø406.4 mm (16”) – Ø3,048 mm (120”)
Wall Thickness: 6.0 mm (7/32”) - 25.4 mm (1”)
Material Grade: Max. APL 5L Grade X80